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Submitting items for Expertisation

What to do when sending items
Forms required - None   •    Deposit required - None
A covering letter, with a credit card number will suffice.

If you are submitting from the UK
Some people send us a stamp, with a piece of paper on which is written their name and address, and a note saying “Please expertise.”   This is OK.   However, Mr Nice Guy says “Herewith Bermuda SG120d, unused.  Please expertise.”   (If you have bought the item at auction, it can be helpful to include the name and date of the sale, and the lot number.)

If you are submitting from overseas
As from the UK, plus the following:
1.  Write our VAT number (321 6330 02) on the outside of the envelope.
2.  Describe the contents as “Items for expertisation - not a trade export/import - value unknown until expertised.”
3.  Best not to call the contents “Stamps”  as it seems to make some carriers nervous.
4.  DO NOT state a value for the items, inside or outside the envelope.  Until it is expertised, nobody knows the value.

Send material by Special Delivery, or by Recorded Delivery if your insurance company are happy with that. All submissions are acknowledged by post, fax or
e-mail.   If you have not heard from us within 7 days (UK) or a couple of weeks (overseas), it may be as well to check with us.

Submitting items for Expertisation

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