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Methods of payment

If you have not submitted before, then either: send a credit card number or, wait for us to send you a pro-forma invoice when the item is ready.   Don’t send a “deposit” cheque - the thought is appreciated, but it is never for the right amount and only leads to unnecessary to-ing and fro-ing, and cheques for amounts like £2.87.

Credit cards: We accept payments by Visa or Mastercard, adding the Card company’s charge to us (currently 2.4%) to the invoice total.   Given the cost of cheques, envelopes, postage, etc., not to mention the time involved with us writing to you, you to us and us posting the item, credit cards are undoubtedly the convenient option.

Payments from overseas: We accept, as well as credit card payments:
Cheques in sterling payable in London.  
Cheques in other currencies - allow at least £10.00 for conversion costs.

Submitting items for Expertisation

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