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Frequently asked questions

Anonymity: The identity of the person submitting an item is never divulged to the Committee.   Other provenance however, other evidence, other opinions, can be helpful and should always be presented when submitting items.

Time taken: Shortest possible, consistent with accuracy.   Allow a minimum of
4-5 weeks.   If you want to ring and find out what’s happening, please do - it won’t speed things up any but, if it makes you feel more relaxed, go ahead.   If an auction house is chasing you, tell them that we have the item and give them our  number.

The BPA do NOT expertise:
But they DO expertise:
  • 'Varnish' inks      
  • 'Albino' varieties    
  • Bisects - unless on cover    
  • Great Britain: the LOW value (½d-1s) Edward VII and George V shades listed only in the SG Spec. Catalogue.   (All Part 1 shades are expertised)    
  • 'Treasury Roulettes - unless on cover.    
  • Australia: The Perforated “OS” issues    
  • New Zealand: The “OPSO” issues - unless on cover   
  • Falkland Is: 1921-28 Prussian Blue, SG76c   
  • Canada: SG63a   
  • Straits: SG64c
  • The low value (1/2d-1s) Edward VII and George V shades listed in the SG Part 1 catalogue. 
  • The Specialised shades of all other areas of G.B  (QV Surface Printed, George V Seahorses, etc)    
  •  Certain varieties not listed by SG  
  • Pre-stamp covers   

    In fact most things philatelic,  except items at left


Submitting items for Expertisation

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